Feb. 6th, 2013 03:56 pm
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Wish me luck people I think I've got an audition on Monday for a short film. Yikes! What's happening?

Now I just need to wait for the soda bread to reveal how awful it's turning out in the oven. :/
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Well the Olympic flame has finally arrived at Culdrose, tomorrow it heads to Lands End and then up to Plymouth where we get it over night and for some reason have a big party on the Hoe....

Wait a minute...


You mean the high bit, on a cliff, over looking the Sound.... the bit where even on a good day it's windy as all heck... the place where the wind belts across from the sea and bashes down from the moor's... THAT HOE?!?!?

Oh dear... I apologise to all if the flame goes out... o_O


Mar. 5th, 2012 11:24 pm
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B2mem is going fairly well, I have two completed stories (although one did nearly give me a heart attack-having the plug come out of the back of the laptop is terrifying!), two plotted stories and one that's in the process of being written starring a tweenaged (is that the right word?) Elanor Gamgee who is in the process of telling her Dad how the historians can't be right when it comes to what happened to the women and children of Numenor when it sank since none of them were there. o_0
Two completed fics star: Grima and Nerdanel (with Saruman and most of the "anti-evil" cast in the background in non-speaking roles) in one and Aredhel and Celegorm (with Huan in a supporting role) in another which is rather nice since I've written for both of the ladies before but neither of the males (for a species neutral word). Grima actually made me feel vaguely sorry for him (although I still dislike him) and Celegorm is much nicer in person than ever he is when I've read about him. Maybe it's the Oath that results in him turning into a complete arse?

So all in all, not a bad start.

Now to kick Maglor, Finrod, Celeborn, and Galadriel into shape. ;)
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It's taken five years and lots of tears (and putting on an extra 2 stone in weight!!! :O) but I've finally taken my last BA exam... o.O I feel afraid now, it's a bit like year 11 all over again and waiting for the GCSE results. Except for the fact that I have to job hunt. :(
That and I need to go to the docs and get mitigations. >.< Managed to get an ear infection right slap bang in the middle of revision time. >.<

On a different note... I've met Lucifer. :p And multiple other cast members from Supernatural, unfortunately not the main cast since they're off getting married and going on honeymoons but ah well, good for them. :)
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Exit poll says: Hung parliament: 309 Conservative
255 Labour
59 Liberal Democrats
29 Other i.e SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens, UKIP, BNP, Monster Raving Loony Party, and Independents.
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General election =MEEEP!!!!!!
*bites finger nails* Gah! I want exit polls! Supposedly voter turn out is high.
I do find this kinda funny: "Tory voters! Show your disapproval of Labour by writing 'CERTAINLY NOT!' in the Labour box on your ballot paper #ukelection" it's going around on twitter. Not sure if they're aware of the fact that if they do that they discredit their vote and it goes into the rejected pile... Maybe that's the point?
Also got to love the Pirate standing as a candidate in Westminster. Indeed in Westminster there's going to be a Pirate vs. Pirate battle. XD Pirate Party versus the fancy dress Pirate. XDXD!

People are voting tactically and there seems to have been a surge in Labour votes. Meeep!!! Supposedly in some areas the Lib Dem vote is collapsing. :/
Got to like what someone said on twitter though: "I've just voted. Current MP's a Tory, so I took David Cameron's advice and voted for change. " XD

Just wish my damned representative wasn't going to be Conservative again. *sighs* PUT US BACK IN WITH THE PLYMOUTH CONSITUENCIES, DAMNIT!!
It's annoying since I was actually a good little member of the public and emailed my candidates to ask their opinions NOT THEIR PARTIES. Well I tried... Ignored UKIP because they're scary buggers, and couldn't find the addresses for either the Green or Lib Dem candidates. :/ Labour candidate replied to me from his hotmail account at midnight on Sunday. Fantastic. XD
Bloody Conservative had his secretary reply on Wednesday afternoon and clearly hadn't read what I written. :/

GAH! Think I'll just hide tomorrow morning for the next 5 years no matter who gets in we'll likely have a Hung Parliament. Although no-one please quote me on it.
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I have a job.

Well most likely have a job it's not set in stone yet as I still need to be matched to a school but I've been approved as a Comenius assistant to help teach English in the EU.....
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Reflections after re-reading bits of the Silmarillion...

The Swan-ships of the Teleri didn't have sails at first, they were pulled by literal swans. No wonder they were quite so pissed at the Noldor when they wanted to take them. :s

"Then the swans drew the white ships of the Teleri over the windless sea..."

So what was the point of their wives and daughters making the sails later? There wasn't any wind. *confused!*

Also, why is the badge of Finarfin's house two serpents crowned with golden flowers etc. (i.e Ring of Barahir)? There clearly must be a difference between heraldry used by the Noldor and the 'badges' used.

More comments possibly forthcoming. I say possibly because I seem to say things and then never get around to it. >.
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Well so much for going back to Uni today. I can get hold of the books I need for the essay due on Monday down here by raiding Plymouth and Exeter University Libraries, so 15 minutes to get into town and about 45 minutes to get up to Exeter; neither journey will cost the world either, unlike taking a train up to Birmingham. >.<
Dad has said since it's supposed to be rain this weekend he'll take me up, much easier.
At the minute I'm very glad I'm not going up tomorrow morning. I've had a headache that developed into a migraine this afternoon and am now in a pitch black room with the computer screen dimmed, I stand up and the world spins. I also slightly high since I took codydramol which is the only thing that managed to knock it out enough that I can cope with this much light, and very hungry since I couldn't get dinner down. All in all I feel like crap. -_-
But, before I forget to post it under the cut is my first new piece of writing unconnected with any prior stuff for who knows how long.
The title is tentative and the subject is Ælfwine/Eriol on his way back to England after visiting Tol Eressea.
Anyway, enjoy. ;-)

Myth and Legend )
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It had to happen eventually, damn eldest brother and his sickly stupid ways. Full of cold. :/
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We has snow!! For the first time in about four years! :D And it's laying!
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My tele's aerial just fell on my head...




owwwww......... ;_;

It's big, black and solid and seems to delight in inflicting pain on me at least five times a year, which doesn't sound much, but when you consider I don't leave at home all year...




owwwww!! >.
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Last night in Ottawa......
It still hasn't sunk in.
Picspammage should follow shortly however when I recover from post traumatic plane disorder i.e, jet lag.
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I think the word is... feck!

I hope everyone else who is on the friends list and is in Mexico and the US are alright.


Apr. 9th, 2009 02:03 am
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Possibly this shall be last post for a few days for I am off to PEI tomorrow! :D

If anyone wants a postcard just drop me a note below I'll screen the comments. Although some of you may get postcards whether you want them or not, so nyah! ;p

But 21 hour train ride tomorrow. Oh joy... :/ But then PEI! And potentially, if we decide we can afford to cross the bridge or take the ferry, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. We're going to rent a car so we can get around easier and not have to rely upon public transport on the Easter weekend. :/ We'd forgotten about that little hitch when organising. But yay, holiday! Even if I am taking work to do on the train. :(

We get back to Ottawa on the 14th and then I have the Celtic Studies/Irish embassy reception on the 15th. Eeep! I have to practice my manners!
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I'm never moaning about Jewish-Canadian studies again! Well, I probably will but still....


I'm getting published!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!
Well my paper is anyway. :D!
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I've just put my dark washing in and am now praying the drunks stay out until closing time. I don't particularly want to fight through a crowd of drunks in the breezy wet night to get back to my room. *shakes head*
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I'm supposed to be researching for an essay on: "Was England profoundly changed by the Norman Conquest?" and I can't stop researching about Edgar the Aetheling. :( Englands forgotten king who was in reality the heir chosen by the Witan to succeed Harold II when William won Hastings. So he was the uncrowned king. :( And damnit he was interesting! I want to research him not all this social/successional stuff after the Conquest. When the man who had no right to the English throne nicked it. Grrr!

In other news, we have food again! Bless you Tesco's deliveryman. :)

I also found Boasters cookies in the University supermarket. Yum! :D
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This is mad. It's raining so much the drain pipes are overflowing and so I've got a torrent running down my window. o_O And of course said window is open because, having been out all day, the ruddy room reeks! It also rains when I plan to do my washing, because I officially have no more socks. :/ And I'm about to run out of tops to wear. However in order to get to the laundrette I must go outside and when outside I'm going to get wet, so when I have clean washing I'm going to have to treck back through the rain (getting it dirty again) to get back to my room. -_-

I hate rainy days when I have to do washing.
Plus I'm going out tonight to watch Serenity and I have a book on short loan which must be returned by tomorrow morning, otherwise I invoke the hourly fine. :S Damn it!
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*Twitches* I had a big post ready to post and the computer just deleated it...

I'm going to cry now.


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