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General election =MEEEP!!!!!!
*bites finger nails* Gah! I want exit polls! Supposedly voter turn out is high.
I do find this kinda funny: "Tory voters! Show your disapproval of Labour by writing 'CERTAINLY NOT!' in the Labour box on your ballot paper #ukelection" it's going around on twitter. Not sure if they're aware of the fact that if they do that they discredit their vote and it goes into the rejected pile... Maybe that's the point?
Also got to love the Pirate standing as a candidate in Westminster. Indeed in Westminster there's going to be a Pirate vs. Pirate battle. XD Pirate Party versus the fancy dress Pirate. XDXD!

People are voting tactically and there seems to have been a surge in Labour votes. Meeep!!! Supposedly in some areas the Lib Dem vote is collapsing. :/
Got to like what someone said on twitter though: "I've just voted. Current MP's a Tory, so I took David Cameron's advice and voted for change. " XD

Just wish my damned representative wasn't going to be Conservative again. *sighs* PUT US BACK IN WITH THE PLYMOUTH CONSITUENCIES, DAMNIT!!
It's annoying since I was actually a good little member of the public and emailed my candidates to ask their opinions NOT THEIR PARTIES. Well I tried... Ignored UKIP because they're scary buggers, and couldn't find the addresses for either the Green or Lib Dem candidates. :/ Labour candidate replied to me from his hotmail account at midnight on Sunday. Fantastic. XD
Bloody Conservative had his secretary reply on Wednesday afternoon and clearly hadn't read what I written. :/

GAH! Think I'll just hide tomorrow morning for the next 5 years no matter who gets in we'll likely have a Hung Parliament. Although no-one please quote me on it.

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Date: 2010-05-06 01:42 pm (UTC)
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Hung/hanged parliament probs would be best, yup. Then they might actually have to work together instead of party bitching at each other. Best election view so far: 'I'd vote for the Labour Party, if only they were standing." true true.
:( How did the Lib Dem thing run out of steam so quickly? Let's wear black on Friday to mourn the coming 5 long painful years of Torydom.

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Date: 2010-05-06 01:59 pm (UTC)
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I actually really want a Hung Parliament as long as the Tory's don't try for minority government. :S

'I'd vote for the Labour Party, if only they were standing." true true.
Ouch! Harsh.
With the Lib Dems it might just be in a few constituencies. They're supposed to hold onto Cornwall at least and a number of others.

:(! I don't want to wear black! *wails* I've had to cope with a Torycouncil for the last 5 years, and a rotten one at that (all decision that they know won't get through the council they send through the executive cabinet which can't be overruled!). Drink! Much drink will be needed if they get in!

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Date: 2010-05-06 03:03 pm (UTC)
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There was an article in the Indy today about just that (yes, I am entirely productive at work since getting my iPhone...) - how this 'big society'/replacing public services with volunteers actually works in real life with the example of Hammersmith and Fulham council. Surprise surprise, no volunteers. They can just shrug and say that if people don't have a charitable spirit that's their problem, and so close homeless shelters and sell off council houses.

ARGH. Tory bastards. Sorry you're cursed with them on your council.

Off to vote now. Maybe drinking later. Not playing the election night drinking game, which would leave me paralytic after about 10 minutes (1 finger for every mention of the economy??)


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