Jan. 13th, 2010

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Well so much for going back to Uni today. I can get hold of the books I need for the essay due on Monday down here by raiding Plymouth and Exeter University Libraries, so 15 minutes to get into town and about 45 minutes to get up to Exeter; neither journey will cost the world either, unlike taking a train up to Birmingham. >.<
Dad has said since it's supposed to be rain this weekend he'll take me up, much easier.
At the minute I'm very glad I'm not going up tomorrow morning. I've had a headache that developed into a migraine this afternoon and am now in a pitch black room with the computer screen dimmed, I stand up and the world spins. I also slightly high since I took codydramol which is the only thing that managed to knock it out enough that I can cope with this much light, and very hungry since I couldn't get dinner down. All in all I feel like crap. -_-
But, before I forget to post it under the cut is my first new piece of writing unconnected with any prior stuff for who knows how long.
The title is tentative and the subject is Ælfwine/Eriol on his way back to England after visiting Tol Eressea.
Anyway, enjoy. ;-)

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